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Legal Practice Areas

Commercial/Civil Litigation

Broad and complex practice area requiring thorough understanding of Rules of Civil Procedure. Our lawyers regularly represent clients before all levels of court in Ontario.

Trucking & Automobile Litigation

Our lawyers are available 24/7 to travel to an accident scene and offer valuable legal advice and protection. We know that statements made to law enforcement have a lasting impact, so we provide drivers with immediate legal advice.

Accident Benefits

This is a highly specialized area of Insurance Law. We represent clients at Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) as well as private arbitrations.

Loss Transfer / Priority Disputes

Our lawyers have presented at various insurance industry events on both loss transfers and priority disputes, and we have successfully represented various insurers at private arbitrations involving these matters.

Examinations Under Oath

Our lawyers regularly conduct EUOs with respect to a variety of matters including priority disputes, fraudulent claims, and accident benefits quantification.

Cargo Claims

Both the commercial and the legal context in which cargo claims arise are important. Our lawyers are well-versed in dealing with cargo claims arising from damage, loss, shortage and/or concealed damage.

Property Claims

We act on behalf of a number of insurers, small businesses and individuals on recouping or defending matters dealing with financial coverage for loss or damage to property.

Coverage Opinions

Our coverage counsel team is here to assist with policy drafting and opinion work at all stages of coverage dispute process.

Products Liability

We represent a wide variety of insurers and businesses operating under self-insured retention in mitigating their risks, providing legal advice with respect to product liability cases as well as aggressively pursuing litigation, if need be.

Personal Injury

Our lawyers  have years of experience dealing with personal injury – whether stemming from motor-vehicle collisions, slip and falls, or manufacturing and design defects. We maximize results for our clients while minimizing legal costs.

Occupiers' Liability / Slip and Falls

Just because someone gets injured while on private property does not automatically result in entitlement to compensation. Our lawyers possess a strong comprehension of the Occupiers’ Liability Act and other relevant regulation and case law to assist our clients when claims arise.


Many less experienced lawyers think of subrogation as an afterthought of litigation. This is simply incorrect. Subrogation should be an integral part of litigation. We act for insurers to recoup damages sustained through subrogation.

Contract Disputes

Contact disputes typically occur when one or both parties to an agreement disagree about the terms and conditions of that agreement. We regularly represent clients in breach of contract disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration/litigation.

Commercial General Liability

We regularly advise insurers and corporations on how to limit their exposure with respect to CGL.

Fraudulent Claims

Our lawyers advise clients on merits of pursuing these claims, provide legal opinion on the current state of law as well as conduct Examinations Under Oath to come to the bottom of these matters.

Disability Insurance

There are many reasons why disputes arise relating to whether a party is entitled to disability benefits.  Our lawyers are well-versed in Long-Term Disability, Short-Term Disability, Canadian Pension Plan, and other disability insurance matters.

Life Insurance

The amount and type of coverage will depend on the circumstances and needs of the individual. We are well-versed in the procedure, case law and regulations to help you navigate these complex matters.

Tavern & Social Host Liability

This area deals with over-consumption of alcohol or other substances at restaurants, bars, and other similar establishments. Understanding the Liquor Licence Act, relevant case law and applicable regulations is key in defending these cases.